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What’s New In The 2nd Edition?

  • Updated clinical and empirical literature.
  • Expanded and refined presentation of the PCBH model.
  • Detailed strategies for battling the opioid abuse epidemic.
  • New clinical tools, handouts and protocols.
  • Training tools specifically for PCPs and nurses.
  • The latest resources for obtaining training in the PCBH model.
  • Primer on the Patient Centered Medical Home and other changes in primary care.

Comments About the Second Edition

In this 2nd edition, Robinson and Reiter give us an updated blueprint for full integration of behavioral health and primary care in practice. They review the compelling rationale, but their real contribution is telling us exactly HOW to think about it and how to do it. This latest book is a must for anyone interested in population health and the nuts and bolts of full integration through using the Primary Care Behavioral Health Consultation model.
Susan H McDaniel PhD, 2016 President, American Psychological Association (APA), Dr Laurie Sands Distinguished Professor of Families & Health; Associate Chair, Department of Family Medicine; Director, Institute for the Family, Department of Psychiatry, University of Rochester Medical Center
“We highly recommend this book as a resource for clinicians, educators, and administrators involved in advancing integration at the practice level. Robinson and Reiter go well beyond the basic rationale and foundational concepts of integration of behavioral health and primary care; they provide practical tips and strategies, honed from decades of experience in the field, for implementation of the PCBH model in an easy to use format. Packed with practice support tools, updated clinical protocols, and current literature reviews, this second edition of Behavioral Consultation and Primary Care is an excellent resource for healthcare professionals committed to strengthening primary care.”
Dennis Freeman, PhD, CEO & Parinda Khatri, PhD, Chief Clinical Officer, Cherokee Health Systems
“The 2007 edition of Behavioral Consultation and Primary Care, A Guide to Integrating Services has been a must read for anyone interested in implementing Primary Care Behavioral Health. The second edition will have an even wider impact in today’s healthcare environment when the spread of integrated care is gaining momentum by the moment. The updated volume has new content and benefits from seven additional years of practice experience, emerging research and new opportunities (or imperatives) created by healthcare reform. What is not new is the approach that we have come to expect from these authors – one that is entirely accessible, practical and immediately applicable.”
Natalie Levkovich, CEO, Health Federation of Philadelphia; 2015 President-Elect, Collaborative Family Healthcare Association (CFHA)
“As we planned integration for Healthcare for the Homeless – Houston FQHC, we identified the most compelling resource available, Behavioral Consultation and Primary Care: A Guide to Integrating Services, 2nd Edition. With the model described in this book, we were able to transformour system quickly in uncharted waters, with immediate gains in capacity and willingness to address complex behavioral health issues among our primary care providers. Perhaps most significantly, using the model in this book we are seeing enhanced capacity to address the behavioral health needs inherent to all patients. The ability of this model to help us adapt our complex setting of homelessness and co-morbid health problems, including severe mental illness, means this book is an indispensable resource for primary care.”
David S. Buck, MD, MPH, Winner, 2013 AAFP Public Health Award; Founder, Healthcare for the Homeless—Houston
“Robinson and Reiter have done it again! They characteristically produced another seminal book on integrated care – filled with theory, evidence, expert opinion, and practical resources for novice to proficient behavioral health clinicians working in primary care. There is something for everyone! This book will be equally valuable for administrators, practice managers, support staff and primary care providers who want to better understand the rationale, challenges and opportunities of integrated primary care. Their passion for this work and the patients they have cared for leaps off the pages, while the foundational elements and evidence are eloquently and expertly weaved throughout the book. From beginning to end, this rich, well-written, cogently organized academic resource reads like the kind of story you have to know and share with others.”
Tina Runyan, Ph.D., ABPP, Clinical Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Dept of Family Medicine and Community Health

Comments About the First Edition

“The recent emergence of psychology as a behavioral primary care profession has markedly accelerated during the past decade… Robinson and Reiter were identified with co-located behavioral primary care long before it became the next wave in mental health care delivery, and the depth of their knowledge and experience has enabled them to write this much-needed, comprehensive how-to book that can be regarded as the new wave’s first textbook… The co-authors have provided not only listing key references for those already engaged in integrated behavioral/primary care, but also serving as a wealth of information with user-friendly guides, educational materials, and other tools necessary for starting up such a clinic.”
Nicholas A. Cummings, PhD, ScD, Past President of the American Psychological Association (APA); Co-Founder, Nicholas & Dorothy Cummings Foundation, Inc.
“Comprehensive, wise, and incredibly practical, this exciting volume walks through the joys and challenges of an entirely new vision of behavioral health consultation in primary care settings. Gently, and with good humor, the authors show how to avoid key errors, and provide a detailed, point by point guideline for success in an effective and needed new form of practice. You will forever think differently about the proper role of behavioral health providers in health care delivery. Even better, you will be prepared to do something about it.”
Steven C. Hayes, PhD, University of Nevada
“This book embodies primary care behavioral health practice at its best. It is accessible, focused, based on the latest evidence, and capable of fundamentally changing health care delivery for those who encounter it. It is simultaneously revolutionary in its insistence on population approaches over individual approaches, and a handy toolbox of practical instruments for daily practice. It should be on the shelves of every primary care behavioral health professional and of the physicians and administrators who want to utilize their services.”
Alexander Blount, EdD, Director, Center for Integrated Primary Care; Professor of Family Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School
“Finally, a practical, comprehensive guide for how to successfully integrate a behavioral health service within primary health care. This book covers everything a person needs to know, from tips for getting started to avoiding common pitfalls and ensuring success over the long-term. In my view, this book is essential reading for anyone who is thinking about making the transition to primary care-based behavioral health services.”
Dr. JoAnne Epping-Jordan, Senior Programme Adviser, Department of Chronic Diseases and Health Promotion,World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland
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